Monday, January 30, 2012


In the last blog I mentioned how it all began, and when the idea came into mind.

The next step was to start fleshing out the actual story. I continued adding scenes, different events, and how I'd make every action have a reaction. I initially thought I'd write this one myself. I did some research to learn just what made a good story good; the structure, the whys?/hows?/whens?, and especially the characters.

It was in this time when I came up with the underlying theme of the story; What drove these characters? What is the motivation for the story? This is where the subtitle comes in; The Pursuit of Honor.

After around 2-3 weeks, I realised no matter how much research I had done, and how hard I tried to write a story, it just simply isnt that simple! I decided to search for a suitable writer, and placed an advertisment on an art forum I frequent; I was absolutley shocked at the response I got. I received approximatley 80 emails from aspiring writers. Some published in the world of comics, others novels and/or childrens books, and others simply very talented unpublished writers.

It was a huge effort. The only way I found it possible to decide who was suitable, was to choose out of the best samples, and ask them to do a quick and rough take on a scene I had laid out. After I had received them all, it was clear from the moment I read not only his 5 page script, but also his ideas and insight, that JASON TUDOR was the perfect fit.

Jason is a veteran of the US Air Force, a journalist, and a published writer who has brought his intelligence and experience into MERCER, giving the story and characters life and depth.

It was time to get to work!

You can check out Jason's website here;

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